Corporate & LLC

The law firm of McSwiney & Wood, P.C., in New London, N.H., advises and represents a broad range of clients regarding a wide variety of business matters. Our business clients range from and include start-up ventures, small companies to large international corporations, closely and publicly held corporations, nonprofit corporations, professional corporations, financial institutions and others across New Hampshire.

NH Business Document - Commercial Client

The firm represents commercial or nonprofit clients from start-up to wind-up. 

For example, the firm helps its clients select the appropriate type of entity for a business venture entity — a choice that is often fraught with hidden pitfalls in this day of general and limited partnerships, “C” corporations, “S” corporations, and limited liability companies. After identifying the proper entity and optimal structure, the firm helps to implement it, taking the necessary action to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. In addition, we advise clients about and, where appropriate, prepare shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, operating agreements and other documents designed to aid and ensure proper governance of the entity and to provide for a smooth transition in the event of a change of ownership.

Attorney Michael L. Wood has extensive experience with the organization, purchase, sale and dissolution of New Hampshire businesses and professional practices. He also has experience in structuring a variety of business relationships including employer and employee.

The services provided involve the following substantive practice areas:

  • Reorganizations
  • Employment and independent contractor relationships
  • Entity selection and formation
  • Lending and borrowing
  • Succession planning