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estate planning

    Attorney Sarah D. Christie and Attorney Michael D. Cameron represent individuals with family law issues ranging from divorce to visitation modification. We do our best to help people through the emotional and legal challenges that accompany family law issues. We help them assess their options to reach a decision that best suits their situation.
    Attorney Sarah D. Christie, Attorney Anthony J. Lenhart and Attorney Michael D. Cameron have represented clients in the whole spectrum of commercial, construction, real estate, contract, and other matters in federal and state trial courts, appellate courts, and administrative agencies and boards. The firm is frequently called upon to handle fast paced matters such as attachments, liens, temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions where sophisticated issues may need to be addressed within a matter of days or even a few hours.
    Attorney Anthony J. Lenhart and associates handle all manner of diverse issues that arise during real estate transactions. We understand the intricacies of commercial and residential property sales, purchases and financing and the leasing of commercial space and residential property. Our Firm will represent purchasers and sellers of all types of property, including office buildings, apartment buildings, shopping centers, inns, marinas and land for commercial and residential development.
    Attorney Anthony J. Lenhart and associates represent local lending institutions, private lenders, businesses, developers and investors across New Hampshire requiring lending and finance services. Our collective experience of representing both lenders and borrowers provides the firm with the unique ability to never lose sight of the ultimate goal: to get the loan transaction closed as efficiently and economically as possible.
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